• Cycle Jaunt Around Bath

    Sunday involved a train ride to bath with a Brompton in fold, and then cycling around the Two Tunnels circular route. A quick stop at The Hope and Anchor pub to avoid the sleet and get a quick half-way coffee, is highly recommended.

  • How to create an instance that pulls your website content automatically

    Amazon Web Services allows you to spin up instances very quickly. This how to will show you how to upload your content to a S3 bucket and then launch an instance that pulls that content in and starts Apache to serve that content.

  • AWS - How to Create A VPC

    AWS allows you to create your own virtual private cloud (or VPC). This is a network within which your machines will communicate. You can control the level of access across your VPC through subnets, Network Access Control Lists and Security Groups.

  • AWS - How to Serve Traffic from a Load Balancer

    Amazon Web Services (AWS) allows you to serve private network traffic from behind a public load balancer. This offers extra security benefits as it detects DDOS traffic and other exploits and offers a layer of protection.

  • TADS walk Swindon to Goring

    TADS - Teresa, Adam, Dave and Shep walking. We have been walking for about 2 years now, all around the South East. This was our longest walk by far in two days. Swindon to Goring.

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