• Setting Up Fujitsu Snapscan S1300i on Arch Linux

    I have bought a Fujitsu Snapscan S1301i scanner - mainly because it is duplex - it saves a lot of time and will scan directly to Evernote. So far, I’m pleased with it, but the initial thought when I got it home was, ‘how am I going to get it working with Arch Linux?’

  • Setting Up MySQL Replication as a back-up solution

    MySQL replication is a good thing to have. It provides greater resilience and removes a single point of failure. By following these steps, you will create a replica of a master server, acting as a permanent backup in the case of a DR scenario.

  • Configure Autofs on Arch Linux

    Autofs is a way of auto-mounting devices to a running system. Theses steps will walk through enabling it on an Archlinux system.

  • Working with Terraform

    Terraform is a cloud orchestration scripting language. This allows the capturing of cloud infrastructure. Instead of relying on your network and resources to be sat whilst you work on other projects, by using terraform, you can tear-down your infrastructure and then create it again from where you left of (saving money on the infrastructure that would be incurring a cost).

  • Sync Google Calendar With Org Agenda


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