• Learning Ruby - First Impressions

    Chef is used in my place of work, and so as a result I started learning Ruby programming language. ruby-icon

  • Chernobyl - A Review

    Chernobyl has screened on Sky Atlantic over the last few weeks. It represents a dramatic representation of the disaster back in 1986, which for a lot of people, is still in living memory.

  • Setting Up Fujitsu Snapscan S1300i on Arch Linux

    I have bought a Fujitsu Snapscan S1301i scanner - mainly because it is duplex - it saves a lot of time and will scan directly to Evernote. So far, I’m pleased with it, but the initial thought when I got it home was, ‘how am I going to get it working with Arch Linux?’

  • Setting Up MySQL Replication as a back-up solution

    MySQL replication is a good thing to have. It provides greater resilience and removes a single point of failure. By following these steps, you will create a replica of a master server, acting as a permanent backup in the case of a DR scenario.

  • Configure Autofs on Arch Linux

    Autofs is a way of auto-mounting devices to a running system. Theses steps will walk through enabling it on an Archlinux system.

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