Having gone to one of the best destinations I’ve probably ever been to, I felt the need to document it in a more formal way. I was inspired by the Cuban culture and vibrant life to record some of the sights I’d seen.

I like the achitecture of buildings. Once they were part of the finery of Havana, but since then, people don’t have the money to upkeep this kind of large building, hence its appearance.


There was a place where dogs were wearing tags - apparently, it is to stop dog theft. These dogs chased a guy down the road and then came back to their bar.


Again, the contrast of poor versus rich.


This is the national trade building. If your company outside wants to trade within or with Cuba, they must report here and create the agreement. The agreement is weighted heavily in favour of the government (51%).


We climbed the tower at Church of St. Francis.

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There appears to be an architectural design where buildings (these are typically hotels) have an atrium in the middle to allow light but also fresh air.

P1050157 P1050135 P1050140 P1050141 P1050145

A guy built this for his wife as a birthday present. It’s now a hotel.


Ernest Hemmingway’s room - this is a fishing competition that he held alongside Fidel.


The cathedral.

P1050171 P1050204

_Some propaganda from the Revolution Museum (which is held in the pre-revolution presidential house)._

P1050219 P1050235 P1050255

Floridita- the home of Daiquiri.


Lots of houses suffer from flooding when there is a hurricane. These houses typically aren’t fixed, but people still continue to live in them. This is espeically true of houses that are down side streets (a house on the sea front is more likely to be fixed quickly as the government know that tourist are more likely to see them).

P1050275 P1050278 P1050293 P1050294 P1050296 ------------------------- _We saw a band that had members of the Buena Vista Social Club._ P1050307 P1050321 ------------------------ _This couple work together to make hats. He is blind but still manages to weave the palms together._ P1050324 Please feel free to leave a comment below.