Amazon Prime Music Review


Amazon yesterday released the prime music service in the UK. This came at a particularly useful time for me as I’m currently not working and so have quite a bit of time to play with it. I have used spotify in the past, but not regularly as I don’t get as much time to listen to music as I would like.

The web interface immediately pushed me to their playlists, which this service seems to rely on heavily. The reason for that becomes apparent later on, due to the availability of 1 million tracks. Spotify claims to offer 30 million tracks and so Amazon is at a disadvantage here.

The tracks that Amazon offer are more like ‘classics’ in the fact that they are well known and not considered very hip. During my time with Spotify, I was off in to a weird world of music, listening to some eclectic tunes, but this doesn’t seem to be the case with Amazon Music Prime. The tracks are quite well known and not too unusual. I found this to be a little disappointing. However, the price difference is something that Amazon are trying to push here. Having already stumped up my Prime subscription, this service comes at no extra cost. So that’s £79 a year - whereas Spotify are charging in the region of £120 a year for just the music. This is where Amazon have the advantage. As I don’t have the time to consume a lot of music, Amazon seem to fit the bill.