• Apache Rewrite Mod

    Apache_HTTP_server_logo_(2016) mod_rewrite is a powerful module that Apache can utilize. It is a way of rewriting URLs, modifying the request that Apache recieves. This could be a moved document, or enforcing SSL (rewriting the URL from http to https).

  • Bike-packing preparation

    Due to covid-19, we are all currently on lock-down. I was planning to go bike-packing this spring, but cannot get out. But that didn’t stop me from having some fun in the garden with a tarpauline: IMG_20200329_165257

  • Rsyslog configured to monitor journald /run/systemd/journal/syslog socket

    Rsyslog (aka syslog) can pull in logs from journald, via the socket (using imuxsock module) or a specific module that taps in to a socket that is journald runs (imjournal) with very little config. imjournal specialises in logging that is structured (e.g. logs that follow json structure) and then filtering or querying logs. As a result, imjournal is more expensive. These modules are already loaded by default inrsyslog.conf file and do not need adding in any other configuration files.

  • SELinux Users, Roles, and Types

    SELinux contexts follow the SELinux user:role:type:level syntax.

  • Setting Filesystem ACLs on Linux

    ACLs are a method for defining access to files and directories on a system. These can be set at the user level, group level, or via the effective rights mask.

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